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Original Sin - Update #40, Message from the Trenches

by Couchpotato, 2013-05-25 00:12:55

Larian posted a new update on their funded kickstarter Divinity: Original Sin.

We're late with this update. We know and apologise. 

The reason really is quite simple: We are in the middle of preparing the release of Dragon Commander, performing all of the final tweaks, putting in some last minute features as well as a host of different languages and at the same time also pushing forward the expansion of Divinity:Original Sin's game world. Between those two things, well, there's really little  time for even eating, so please bear with us. It will get better and the frequency of updates will increase again.

But, behold, we did manage to come up with not just one, but three movies, showing you a bit of what's going on behind the scenes!

Behind the scenes of the Dark Forest

From time to time we perform a magical ritual called a review meeting - if you ever wondered what those look like, then look no further than the following collection of moving pictures in which our designers discuss what quests are going to be in the Dark Forest a.k.a. as the Phantom Forest. Beware - there are some minor spoilers!

The Pledge Management System

We caught up with David and asked him if there was any progress with the pledge management system. Since this is the first time he actually more or less committed to a date, we wanted to share the moment with you :)

Kirill's orchestra

One of the stretch goals was Kirill, our brilliant house composer, getting a symphonic orchestra to fool around with. We asked him about how the preparations for the recordings are going and managed to trick him into promising something for the musicians among you...

In closing

Because of the imminent release (relatively speaking of course :) ) of Divinity: Dragon Commander, we're in a bit of a crunch period. We asked Thomas for a youtube link that relates to our being-in-crunch feeling, but forgot that he can't spell very well...

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