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Elder Scrolls Online - Preview @ PCGAMER

by Couchpotato, 2013-05-27 00:15:25

PCGAMER has a two page preview of the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Those who feared that The Elder Scrolls Online would amount to another cash-in MMO with a big name behind it have it wrong, but the counter-position – the promise of a casualty-free marriage of emergent RPG and online game – doesn’t quite hit the mark either.

From my first moment in game it is clear that TESO is the product of a measured and ongoing negotiation between opposing forces: the traditional MMO and the singleplayer game, ambition and technology, the demands of the community and the views of its designers. Its successes and failures alike are produced by that process.

“We’re not trying to top Skyrim,” game director Matt Firor says. “If you want to play Skyrim go play Skyrim! We’re doing something a little bit different. It should feel comfortable to people who play Elder Scrolls games, but it’s its own game in its own right.”

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