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Expeditions: Conquistador - Audio Review and Gameplay Session

by Myrthos, 2013-05-29 12:52:19

Here is something you don't see too often: A review of a soundtrack. In this case for Expeditions: Conquistador and Game Scouts is reviewing it.

Odds are you've never heard of Leonardo Badinella or Danish publisher and developer Logic Artists; but, that's absolutely no reason not to pay attention to this sensibly composed soundtrack. Allow me to set the scene: Exepeditions Conquistador is a story-driven tactical role playing game that has players managing various expedition resources and troop morale, while playing as a Spanish expedition. Throughout the course of your exploration of the New World, you will encounter other Spaniards and various native tribes. Badinella, who has experience composing for television commercials and working with independent musicians and bands as a recording engineer, mixer and producer, had quite the project in front of him.

And the devs of the game also went on Twitch.tv to play the game and answer questions.

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