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Expeditions: Conquistador - Review @ Invisioncommunity.co.uk

by Couchpotato, 2013-05-30 00:13:41

We have another early review for Expeditions: Conquistador. This time from a site called Invisioncommunity.co.uk.

Expeditions: Conquistador is a fantastic little strategy game which incorporates the best elements of the strategy and role-playing games of old while adding new elements to construct what is a highly tactical, well thought out and exciting game to play. Every element of the game and the survival of the player’s crew is placed in the hands of the player to control; from exploration to camping to fighting. Straight from the off you are put in charge of your destiny as you select your crew members from a details and varied selection which will genuinely influence the way the game unfolds. While you follow a set storyline to an extent, you have the power to influence the direction of this story and very much make it your own. While high end, modern graphics may have been sacrificed in this instance, this decision does not affect how enjoyable the game is to play, and can indeed be seen as a worthy sacrifice. All in all this is a game well worth picking up for fans of detailed strategy adventures and will certainly provide a great level of enjoyment and thought-provoking situations which will impress and entice strategy game fans in general.

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