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Elder Scrolls Online - Play Session @ RPS

by Myrthos, 2013-05-30 13:00:59

Rock Paper Shotgun had a hands-on session with The Elder Scrolls Online and provide us with the results of the session.

That sense of exploration is something Zenimax want to emphasise. The likely reason being that they know Elder Scrolls fanatics to be curious trailblazers at heart. There certainly is a lot of landmass to cover – comprising the land from all the previous games combined, plus more – but it’s how this landmass is to be populated that will determine how successfully sated the hungers of these trailblazers will be (or how satisfied the explorer ‘subgroup’ of the MMO community will be, for that matter). It’s been a common criticism of the single player Elder Scrolls games that – although the worlds are huge, the geography stunning, and the architecture fantastic – there is a serious lack of character among the majority of the quest-giving caste and other NPCs. Obviously, this being Elder Scrolls *Online*, it can rely on the human element to pick up the slack, but that doesn’t make the first staid fetch-quest we encountered during our playthrough any more enjoyable, even if it was dressed up in a murder mystery plot and one of the characters was a dog.

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