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Age of Decadence - May Update

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-02 00:12:52

The monthly update is out for Iron Tower Studio's The Age of Decadence. Check the update for more screenshots also.

Nothing exciting to report yet. We worked our asses off (12-14 hours a day avg) getting Maadoran and related areas (the mountain pass, the Ordu camp, Darius' tomb, the Abyss, Red Gracchus' raiders camp, and the tower of Zamedi), which is a LOT of content. We wanted to start testing earlier, but decided to take more time.

We started Teron's beta-test earlier than we should have and kept adding/tweaking things as the test went on. As a result the test was long and the testers started running out of steam at some point, which is understandable, of course. So, we want to make sure this test goes faster and smoother.

So, in the mean time, let's talk about R4. Upcoming changes:

1) Switch to 1-10 skill system as outlined here - link
2) Chargen changes as outlined here - link
3) Bonuses and penalties won't be applied to skills but to the derived stats - attack and defense

Attack Modifiers
-   Perception (Bonus and penalty)
-   Weapon THC (Bonus)
-   Shield and Helmet (Penalty)
-   Attack types (Bonus and penalty)
-   Nets (Penalty)
-   Neurostymulant (Bonus)
-   Berserk (Penalty)
-   Arm Injury (Penalty)

Defense Modifiers
-   Armor (Penalty - Dodge only)
-   Nets (Penalty)
-   Bolas (Penalty)
-   Consecutive Defenses (Penalty)
-   Leg Injury (Penalty - Dodge only)
-   Knockout (Penalty)
-   Mobility (Bonus or penalty - Dodge only)

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