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Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales - Reviews @ Yahoo! Games, Gaming Excellence, IGN

by Dhruin, 2006-10-10 23:27:00

A trio of new Age of of Pirates reviews are up, with two saying Akella's latest pirate title misses the mark, while one disagrees. Let's head to Yahoo! Games, with a score of 2.5/5:

Confusingly, Akella's Age of Pirates traces its history from 2000's Sea Dogs, by way of its follow-up Pirates of the Caribbean, which was Sea Dogs 2 in all but name. In a way, then, Age of Pirates is Sea Dogs 3.Confused yet? None of the series has been very well received, and the same is unfortunately going to be true of this one. Although blending RPG concepts with tall ship combat and building up a Caribbean empire of honest (or not so honest) buccaneers is a great idea, this game misses the boat.

...and then to GamingExcellence (thanks Blue's), with a score of 5.9/10:

Developed by Akella, the creators of the acclaimed pirate simulations Sea Dogs and Pirates of the Caribbean, Age of Pirates is the latest in their long line of pirate-themed games. It runs off of their new STORM engine, and is visually impressive to say the least. Unfortunately, we can only hope that this will be they're last pirate game; although the concept of the game is great, the execution (and probably market for the title) are mediocre at best. This is definitely one of those games players will want to like, but will have to try exceedingly hard to actually appreciate. Also, after this many games about pirates, it’s about time we saw something new and fresh from this development house.

...but IGN quite likes it and awarded 7.9/10:

Before getting into specifics, let's be clear: regardless of the story, regardless of the graphics, regardless of absolutely anything else in this review, Age of Pirates will live and die by how much you like its gameplay. And personally, we found the gameplay of it extremely likable and pleasing.

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