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Path of Exile - Second Phase Of Open Beta

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-04 01:40:11

Grinding Gear Games announced that the latest major content update for Path of Exile will be released on Wednesday, June 5th. This will begin the second phase of it's Beta.

We're now halfway through Path of Exile's Open Beta and have deployed 9 major patches and 24 minor patches in the 0.10.x series. For a while, we've been planning a major patch to herald the second phase of the Open Beta. This patch is 0.11.0 and it contains new four-month leagues with special rules, exclusive Challenges with prizes, major balance changes relating to monster damage and player life values, the introduction of item allocation options, toggleable mini health-bars, a new currency item and many other changes

Please note that this page is not the 0.11.0 patch notes! It's a list of various features we're including (which may change slightly by the time the patch is deployed). Full patch notes will be posted before deployment and linked from here when available.



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