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Expeditions: Conquistador - Reviews

by Myrthos, 2013-06-04 12:43:03

While you are still waiting for our review, here are again two other reviews of Exepditions: Conquistador.

IncGamers, 8:

Combat itself is a turn-based, hex-centric affair between (for the most part) skirmish parties. You’ll usually have six people on your team (but sometimes three-five) and be up against similar numbers. Six versus eight may sound especially daunting, but if you get complacent the enemy AI can take you apart. Troops who go down on the battlefield may pick up an injury, so if you get crushed in a six-on-six match you could end up with a severely overworked doctor and the chance of losing someone.

Knowing the strengths and talents of your group is crucial; from the quick, hit-and-run scouts to supportive scholars. It’s also handy to know that playing defensively tends to be key. Make good use of traps, look for flanking opportunities (this occurs when you’ve got someone on each direct side of an enemy) and utilise your troops’ abilities. It helps to know what skills your foe might have too, but unless I’ve missed it there doesn’t seem to be a way of finding this out. Instead, you just have to learn what (for example) a shaman is capable of.

Combat is also where I encountered my most serious bug; an infinite death loop that forced a full quit from the game. I’ve also hit one that reset my leader’s scouting stat to five (ignoring the points I pumped into it at the beginning of the game,) and at one stage was unable to turn in some completed quests. Though that latter issue was solved by doing some other activities for a bit and then returning to the area.

Playturn, 7.5:


The game presents a very tight view of your nearby surroundings. This view does a good job of keeping the sense of exploration in the forefront, as it keeps you on edge as what’s coming around the next bend.  As you progress through the game, the sense of the unknown doesn’t really abate very much, as the scope and scale of the maps are pretty impressive.  The terrain itself was a formidable component of the game play, as foraging, finding campground, food and supplies is all portrayed in a enjoyable and engaging way. And the endless amount of foliage provides great cover for countless native ambushes. It all combines to be an asset and a liability in a way that is pretty unique.

 One thing about the game that may bother some players is the amount of reading that is required. It’s not an obnoxious amount, but it is sizable. However, it is often rewarding, as much of the text reveals more about your party and the people you encounter. It helps you to develop better bonds within the world of the game, and provides a great deal of back story about your environment. But, if you’re looking for a click and dash type of game, the amount of text may be off-putting.

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