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Demonicon - Interview @ Toronto Thumbs

by Myrthos, 2013-06-04 12:48:37

Toronto Thumbs interviewed Demonicon's content deisgner Daniel Hessler.

The characters in the game affect the state of the world they live in, according to the literature. How granular are the changes that occur on account of actions performed by the brother and sister?

The relationship between brother and sister is fundamental for the main quest. How they deal with the background of this relationship directly affects themselves, their family, the villains, and in the end, a whole church. So the changes will mainly occur in the way NPCs interact with Cairon and how he will react in return – in battles and quest structures, but naturally at most in dialogs.

Is there an ideal path through the game?

According to the decisions the player makes, the story will develop differently. We designed these different ways as an equilibrium, so the player won’t have any disadvantages concerning the game-play when choosing either one way or the other. On the other hand, each way has its moral pro’s and con’s: we avoided the stereotype of “good vs. evil”; NPCs will profit or suffer from the player’s decisions, and it is for the player to decide which way is the ideal one, since none will please all factions and each faction has their own motivation.

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