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Shroud of the Avatar - Post-Funding Update #30

by Myrthos, 2013-06-05 12:16:22

There is a new update for Shroud of the Avatar on their Kickstarter page. This time it is about the developer forums, amazon payments, new team members and more.

The Development team at Shroud of the Avatar is delighted to announce that the private Developer Forums are up and ready for everyone who pledged at the Developer level and above. If you already have a Shroud of the Avatar forum account, getting started is as easy as signing in at the new address: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php. You'll need to bookmark this link until we modify the navigation buttons on the SotA website.

Several new, incredibly talented artists have joined the team. You can meet Isaac Oster, Bren Wilson, and Geoff Mellon in an upcoming Shroud of the Avatar Dev Hangout.

And just in case there is a lost sole who wanted to pledge but was unable to collect enough money for it for a single pledge, you can now set a small bit of money aside on a monthly basis instead:

The Layaway Plan we first mentioned in Update #25 is almost ready to launch! This plan is for backers that can't afford to pay for their pledge all at once. There will be a monthly service fee associated with the Layaway plan, thus increasing the overall amount paid for a tier. The monthly payment plan will be available to new backers making their first pledge, as well as for existing backers that want to make monthly payments toward upgrading their existing pledge. The monthly payment system is currently being tested, so look for an upcoming KS Update in June announcing when it is ready.

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