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Expeditions: Conquistador - Two More Reviews

by Myrthos, 2013-06-06 12:17:48

While our review of Expeditions: Conquistador will be published later today, here are two other reviews.


Throughout the game, you’ll combat an array of foes: Aztec, Totonac, Spanish, Mayan, Carib and Taíno. The combat map requires that the player be clever in positioning his/her troops in order to minimise ranged damage taken, to funnel the enemy into choke points, and to cut off access to the player’s own ranged units. There are several different combat modes on offer, from survival (survive ten turns against hard odds), to cutting off an enemy’s retreat (prevent enemies from reaching an escape zone), escaping an enemy yourself, and of course, straight up melee. As I mentioned above, the player is able to deploy a number of aids in combat—barricades and traps—which give the player an advantage in directing the flow of enemy movement; beware, however, that the enemy can sometimes employ these same tricks.

The combat AI has been, in my experience, very good if not excellent. The enemy will attempt to flank your position; they will focus fire on a weakened, cursed or poisoned companion; they will make a bee-line for unprotected ranged units, or undefended zones which would allow them to outmanoeuvre the player. Occasionally, they will suffer a bout of stupidity, and charge straight for the player, usually falling in the process, but overall the AI is intelligent and solid and on harder difficulties provides a firm tactical challenge which can easily stop the unprepared player in his/her tracks.

The Leet, 3/5

Expeditions: Conquistador looks nice however lack polish, players and NPCs glitch here and there which shows the lack of polish however the environments look highly detailed and nice and sharp especially during combat.

When it comes to venturing in the wilderness, the sense of danger heightens which impressed me as it feels eerie and lonely until you come to any signs of civilization. The cut scenes look like a series of paintings you would see at your local museum which didn’t do it for me however it does manager to tell the story.

Replay value comes in the form as multiple difficulty levels and a multiplayer skirmish mode.

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