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Van Helsing - Review Roundup #5

by Myrthos, 2013-06-06 12:47:23

Here are a few more reviews for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

Destructoid, 5,5 / 10

The game looks really good on high settings, and some of the enemy design is terrifically horrible. After all, this is a game about slaying monsters, so these monsters better have some good designs. Granted, they're not all winners, but the "abominations" in particular are great. The voice work is okay, which is all you could really ask for here, considering the story is completely forgettable. As a colorblindie, I did have some troubles seeing some of the greenish-brown enemies from the greenish-brown environments, but mindlessly clicking my way around ended up working just fine.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a little more uninteresting than the title may lead some to believe. Power-ups add a bit of activity to the otherwise boring combat, though the game prefers piling up the sheer number of enemies instead of providing interesting ones. A forgetful story, performance issues, and an unexplained tower defense element hold Van Helsing back from living up to its true potential, and what's left meanders the line between standard and boring.

Capsule Computers, 8

Lacking in the game at the moment are a couple aspects. Currently there are a few bugs that may leave the game feeling unpolished, but future updates over Steam can help cure this issue. In addition, the story seems to simmer in the background while the action is piping hot. If the team were to balance this ratio a little bit more or add alternate story paths, a greater replay value could be accomplished.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing delivers a quality title for a fraction of the cost. The game provides a great foundation for gameplay which mimics successful competitors. During development NeocoreGames must have kept the player’s needs before their own to make an understandable interface as well as providing heavily desired RPG elements. How often can you pay $15 for what seems like a retail game?

Digitally Downloaded, 2/5

While remaining reasonable for the first few hours, the difficulty of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing ramps up quickly. This partially has to do with the somewhat unreasonable groups of monsters that easily swarm the player. Most enemies come in their own gangs of sorts and attacking any one of them alerting the rest of the enemies to your location. Another issue is that there are no real enemies which could be considered, cannon fodder; many of them take a surprising amount of hits to kill and can do significant damage to the player. This, combined with the swarm behaviour, makes dying in the game very easy. Groups of champion monsters are the worst, as they can be frequent and take several dozen hits while dishing out lots of damage. And all of the experiences I am describing to you were all on playing the normal difficulty; I cannot begin to imagine what perseverance it takes to get through the higher difficulties.

Gamestar (German), 8

Where other action RPGs starting out but really after the first playthrough, long-term adventurers do not come at their expense in Van Helsing. A second passage offers little new, namely the areas have not generated randomly and the hero always the same. Also for our high level character, there is little to do: Once emptied levels do not fill up with new monsters and a second start at a higher difficulty level is not possible. Only a few extra-heavy scenario, we can tackle that, the developers have released as free DLC. Currently still deplete quite quickly - constant replenishment is promised, if anything comes of it, we will have to see. But even if it stays on the first play through, which still offers despite the quirks of the game fifteen hours entertaining adventure - for fifteen euros since you can even now not go far wrong.

Horrible Night

TIAVH is a solid ARPG, though not one that’s going to overtake the genre. The multiplayer is pretty weak currently (as in it struggles to work and there aren’t that many people online) and while Neocore did add some additional content in the form of a free patch, there’s  sn’t as much there to make you want to dive back into the game. I liked the tower defense aspect that came into play later on, but would have liked to see it fleshed out a bit more and feel more important. I hate to keep making indirect comparisons to the ARPG powerhouses that are currently vying for the throne, but it’s going to take a lot for TIAVH to go toe to toe with them.

Brutal Gamer, 7

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, is a great PC game that varies it up from the usual Action and RPG games that have been overdone to death. The Imaginative setting gives the world a truly unique feel and will please your inner steampunk. The combat while responsive and meaty, could benefit from more use of magic.

Katarina is a great companion and helps keep the story from feeling drawn out and boring though. And The Co-op could use some work before you attempt to play the entire game with friends. Still, for only 15 dollars, this 12-15 hour experience should not be passed up. A truly enjoyable experience.

Blog Critics, 4/5

I had a blast with this title. I found the settings, the cheesy storyline and repartee’ to be most entertaining. So much was I enthralled by it all that I had to put a timer on myself since I didn’t end up staying up until the wee hours playing it.


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