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Conclave - Released

by Myrthos, 2013-06-06 23:41:44

The devs of Conclave, which was funded last year on Kickstarter, let us know that they released their game, a browser RPG that can be played solo or in co-op.

10x10 Room Releases Conclave, the Tabletop-Inspired RPG You Can Play
at Any Pace, from Any Browser

Boston, MA - June 4, 2012 - Two-person indie development team 10x10 Room
announced the release of Conclave, its tabletop-inspired online RPG. The game had been in public beta since its successful Kickstarter in September 2012, which funded its remaining development.

Conclave brings the turn-based combat and story-driven decision-making of
tabletop RPGs to the browser. Players can play solo or cooperatively with up to
three friends; cooperative play can be either synchronous or asynchronous, letting players pick whichever style they prefer.  10 free adventures offer the opportunity to try out the game before purchasing the full campaign, which includes 15 more adventures that complete the story.

"We built Conclave because we missed the excitement of tabletop roleplaying
games but couldn't find time to play them any more," said Nick Branstator, co-
founder of 10x10 Room. "After more than three years of work, Conclave offers
tabletop-inspired gameplay that fits into your life without sacrificing depth in its mechanics or story."

Key features
- Solo and co-op play, with automatic scaling based on party size
- Turn-based combat on battlemaps featuring varied foes, terrain, and traps
- Decisions with consequences for both combat and the overall story
- Take turns synchronously in real time or asynchronously at your leisure
- Five customizable character archetypes with distinct playstyles
- Five original races: nix, trow, lumyn, mezoar, and forgeborn
- Over 100 unique abilities to choose from when leveling
- Earned distinctions that unlock additional story options and items
- Soundtrack by Sam Hulick, composer for the Mass Effect series
- 25 adventures in the full campaign, Legacy of the Dweller
- Play from PC, tablet, or smartphone, including iOS and Android devices
- Uses HTML5 and JavaScript; Flash not required

Conclave was a GameOn Notable Entry for 2013.

Here is a gameplay video:

And you can try the game for yourself here.

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