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The Witcher 2 - Mod That Ovehauls Combat System

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-08 00:04:16

CD Projekt RED never ceases to amaze me. The company’s gameplay designer Andrzej Kwiatkowski decided to start working on a mod that will overhaul the game’s combat system mechanics. 

According to Andrzej the mod is completed and weighs around 8GB. No ETA has been given as of yet.

The key features for Witcher 2′s Full Combat Rebalance 2 Mod are:

- overall purpose of the mod is to increase Geralt’s responsiveness and mobility
- Geralt can parry attacks while he’s walking and running (new animations)
- Geralt reacts faster to keyboard/gamepad buttons
- active block was replaced by active Quen
- during heavy battle Geralt uses pirouettes and focus (new animations)
- difficulty levels were rebalanced
- Geralt does not “bump” away from opponent’s swords when his attacks are parried which allows quick continuation of the attack sequence
- opponents explode when particular attacks are used, e.g. Igni causes opponent explosion, just like in The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition intro
- elixirs have negative influence



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