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Massive Chalice - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-08 00:07:16

Why is it called news roundup well that's because I have three news story's about the game. It's easier to put them together. Here we go.

Kickstarter Update# 5

New Languages

Now that we've cleared our goal by a significant amount we’re super pumped to announce that in addition to English, we’ll be able to translate MASSIVE CHALICE to French, Italian, German and Spanish (EFIGS)! We want to make sure that MASSIVE CHALICE can be played by as many people as possible and supporting EFIGS is a great step in that direction!

PayPal Support

We've been listening to those of you who want to support MASSIVE CHALICE but can't do it through Kickstarter for a variety of reasons. We hear you! Our web team has been working hard to support PayPal payments for new potential backers. Head on over to http://www.massivechalice.com/back to make a pledge through PayPal! We appreciate the support! :D

Finally, Fantasy Tactics!

We showed XCOM a lot of love earlier this week with a two-hour-plus live stream. It was a ton of fun and we answered a lot of questions that people have about MASSIVE CHALICE. Click here in case you missed it! 

Now we're turning our eyes to one of the other major inspirations for MASSIVE CHALICE: the amazing PS1 classic Final Fantasy Tactics from Square. We'll be going live at 4pm Pacific Time (11pm GMT), so click here and join us if you can!  

And just a reminder that if you can't make it live you can always watch any of our previous streams right here!

PressplayTV Video Interview

Brad Muir talks about Double Fine's upcoming tactical strategy game, Massive Chalice. Points discussed are space elevators, blood relics, "Roid Demons" and more!

RPS has a new editorial article called "How Kickstarter Got Gay Marriage Into Massive Chalice."

In Double Fine’s Massive Chalice, heroes follow one of (videogame) life’s most well-worn paths: fight demons, fight demons, fight demons. But these heroes age, and their blood slowly ceases its boiling. They grow old and begin to seek out someone else to warm their weary bones. Also, to birth and raise the most powerful combat babies in all the realm because, you know, demons. Still, it’s a rather traditionally minded system at heart, so I had to ask: where do gay couples enter the picture, if at all? Massive Chalice lead Brad Muir was honest: that issue totally slipped his mind… at first. But then Kickstarter backers swooped in to save the day. Hurrah! It is, however, an ending that Muir doesn’t think would’ve been quite so happy had a traditional publisher been in the mix.


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