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Follow The Money - How The Gaming Industry Makes Money

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-10 00:16:01

A new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign seeks funds to make a documentary about how the gaming industry makes money.


Follow The Money is a new original documentary series from the creators of SHIFT. We'll examine how your money finances the gaming industry by going in-depth  into the cost of game development, the future of Digital Rights Management, and even the struggling gaming press industry.  Free isn't always 'free', and Follow The Money is going to change your perspective of video games as we move into the new generation of consoles.

How to help

Crowd sourcing content is the only way to get indie projects financed. Corporations rely on volume internet traffic for revenue. By speaking directly to a smaller audience, providing content that they want to see, my creative team ensures quality without compromise. 

From the creator of SHIFT. on GameTrailers.com

This new documentary is being created independent any publishing arm. Follow The Money isn't the type of media that would draw enough traffic to generate controversy, but gamers want it.

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