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Dark Souls II - Various News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-12 00:07:33

We have a demo trailer and three previews for Dark Souls 2. The video of the demo can be found here. Warning for spoilers.


Dark Souls earned its infamy by living up to its slogan, “Prepare to Die.” A merit badge to some and an unfathomable piece of masochism to others, the game made its mark by marrying the unrelenting difficulty of the 8-bit generation with an obtuse suite of systems and mechanics that were never overtly explained to the player. Some gamers relished this fresh experience, while others couldn’t comprehend why anyone would submit themselves to such torture.  In such, it’s no surprise that this pairing still exists as the heart and soul of Dark Souls II, Namco Bandai’s eagerly-awaited follow-up.

After revealing the first look at the gameplay back in April, we were finally given the chance to get our hands on a small slice of the game, which included a short dungeon followed by an intensely impressive boss encounter. But instead of just having a single take on the demo, we decided to tackle the game from two very different perspectives. One IGN editor braved through the series and views it as one of the most remarkable achievements of this generation, while the other has never even given thought to kindling a bonfire. Here’s what they thought.


Dark Souls 2 has a new director and a new engine, but the soul of From Software's series of dark, challenging role-playing games appears to be intact in Dark Souls 2, even if slipping into its body feels a bit different.

Some of the game's changes, including its new graphics engine, took a bit of time to get used to in a recent hands-on demo. The control of characters felt noticeably different, speedier perhaps, and without the weight of characters in Dark Souls. We had no way to see what our characters stats were, nor the weight of the equipment they carried, so it's difficult to judge how character's will ultimately feel.

And Dark Souls 2 won't ship for consoles and PC until March 2014, so the game has time to gel and be polished. But the extra time From Software has to perfect the game is comforting.


Dark Souls II was shown on a high end PC with an Xbox 360 gamepad used to control the game. The framerate was smooth and the game’s graphics look better, but it’s hard to say how Dark Souls II will look on consoles. The animation work which feels more fluid than other Souls games should be consistent between platforms. Dark Souls II is in development for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.




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