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Massive Chalice - Update #5-7

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-12 00:37:30

Well as you know I stopped reporting on Massive Chalice due to the updates not really showing anything good. Well let me recap the new updates.

Interview with Brad: Part 1

The talented guys at 2 Player Productions interviewed Brad to find out what makes him tick. You’ll find out more about Brad beyond his work here at Double Fine and even the games industry. 

Apparently when you give Brad some bourbon aged barley wine he tends to ramble on and on. This epic—nay, MASSIVE—interview is so long, we’ll be releasing it in several parts, so stay tuned for the rest! :D!

Team Update Forum and PayPal Counter

Two small bits of miscellania for you:

We have a new MASSIVE CHALICE Team Update forum! Click here to check it out!

This is where we’ll post game update threads and other content that comes straight from us. Backers will be able to post in those threads, but not create their own threads. This makes it a little easier to keep up with official Double Fine updates and content.

And for those curious how much is being contributed by PayPal backers, We’ve added per-tier and total project counters. It’s a small number right now, but it’ll grow!


MASSIVE CHALICE just cracked $900,000 today! Thanks so much for your support!

We've had such a great time interacting with you guys on our live streams, and we have a lot more planned. But once the campaign closes we’ll need to focus more on making our own awesome game than playing a bunch of other awesome games with you guys! :D!

We’d love to keep doing them, though, so we ran an idea by the higher-ups. If we raise over $1,000,000—and we’re so close!—we feel like we'll have enough budgetary breathing room to commit to a solid schedule of streaming. And so, we present to you the...

We'll play more great games that inspire us, show MASSIVE CHALICE concept art as it develops, answer your questions, and once the game itself starts to take shape we’ll be able to start sharing that with you as well! If we hit a million, we’ll do this every other week on a dedicated live stream from Double Fine HQ. We'll take questions from the stream and get you guys even more involved in the development of MASSIVE CHALICE! 

Thanks for your support and thanks for helping spread the word so that we can get to ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

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