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The Black Tower - Cancelled

by Myrthos, 2013-06-12 12:46:40

We reported on the Indiegogo campaign for The Black Tower before, but recently we learned that the project is cancelled and won't be coming back.

It is with a lot of sadness that I am here to announce the end of the project The Black Tower. Started by 2 people (graphic designers) in february, and joined by 2 others working half-time (programmer and music composer), TBT was probably too ambitious. I want to make it clear that the project was totally realistic, and we are confident in the fact that we could have made it in its entirety with funds, and I will be the first one to regret that we have to cancel everything. But facts are facts, and we are 99% sure that it is now impossible to realise our dream of reviving these 2.5D J-RPGs that we used to like so much. In 15 days, we haven't reached 1% of our goal, with around 80 contributors for 8k visitors. It is now obvious that, even with the 30 days left, it is impossible to make it.

Five reasons are given on why it failed, one of them being that they could not be on Kickstarter.

As explained through various comments, we didn't choose Indiegogo because we like it more than Kickstarter.

We had to make this difficult choice for 2 main reasons :

- Kickstarter doesn't allow non-US/UK residents to ask for funds, and it becomes very difficult and very long for a foreigner to share their project. I don't say it is impossible, yet it was not compatible with the following point.

- For various reasons linked to some team members, the crowdfunding had to begin in May. From February (beginning of the project) to May, there is not a long period. Understanding how crowdfunding works, finding a good status for us, and starting the procedure to use Kickstarter from France was too slow and we couldn't make it in time.

This is why we chose Indiegogo, and we knew it would become very, very difficult to reach our goal. Because yes, the problem of Indiegogo is that they really not support video games as much as Kickstarter does. Where we reached 1% of our goal on Indiegogo, maybe we could have reached 40% on Kickstarter. We don't know, but it is possible.

Some of you will ask : then why not start a new campaign on Kickstarter as soon as you can ?
Simply because the team will soon be dissolved. Some of us have to find a job to live from, and with the end of TBT, they just can't wait and see what will happen next. As everyone is important in the current team, we can't go further when someone lives.

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