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Arakion - Updates

by Myrthos, 2013-06-12 12:59:34

There is quite a range of updates we have missed for Arakion, although most of them are visible to backers only. You can find them here.

The latest entry provides more information on the alchemist skills.

Basic rundown: 

The Alchemist is a mix of potion blending and raw power when manipulating the Earth. She gives the party a massive boost in skillpower and utility.


  • High energy reserve
  • Powerful utility skills
  • Reasonable damage considering the high utility.
  • Special ranged and melee items that increase energy (books and journals)
  • Can replace the monk as healer for the group


  • Low defense requires good group management strategy
  • Low melee damage
  • Most builds require a large amount of energy to be useful


  • High complexity (easy to ruin the character if not planned out properly)
  • Depending on the build could be a late bloomer

A note on energy, as a refresher, skills use energy in dungeons / outside of the town map. Using a skill takes X amount of energy and you don't refill energy until you're back in town. So having a high amount allows you to plunge deeper into dungeons without having to head back to town to rest. It's about health and energy management and the Alchemist is a master of this. Why no energy regen? Simple your skills are extremely powerful. Now on to the good part!

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