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Dragon Age 3 - The Next Generation

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-13 00:15:59

IGN has a small article that discusses the Dragon Age 3 E3 reveal.

Dragon Age II distanced itself from the tactical combat of Origins, but Inquisition aims to marry the responsive action with methodical thinking. “It’s a synthesis of the two games,” Flynn said. The PC and console versions are expected to be “comparable” in terms of combat feel and presentation.

The philosophy of Dragon Age Inquisition “starts with getting back to exploration, something that Origins had some of, but we really want to do a lot more of,” Flynn told IGN. Within that world, BioWare wants you to both engage in the environment around you while still having a sense of “narrative urgency” as the world of Thedas falls to pieces around you. Flynn wouldn’t dive deep on the extent to which players will explore Thedas while bad things happen -- will we leave Ferelden? Will we finally see Orlais? -- BioWare wants them “to see a lot of Thedas...and go to new places.”

As the Chantry’s oppression of the mages comes to a head in the opening of Inquisition, a Fade tear splits the sky, leading dragons and other monsters into the fray, “and that kicks off the events." Following that, nations plunge into war, and “the decision is made to bring back an inquisition to find out what’s going on and stop this,” Flynn explains.

As the leader of an Inquisition, you have an uncomfortable moral choice to make. Do you side with the mages, (heretical victims) or the Chantry (oppressive religious zealots fighting for the god Andraste)?

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