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Massive Chalice - Update #8 Art Commentary

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-14 00:43:10

Massive Chalice is back with a new update that finally shows some artwork for the game.

Art Commentary with Mark Hamer

Earlier this week Brad sat down with art director Mark Hamer to discuss the current visual direction of MASSIVE CHALICE. This commentary starts with our initial reference images, then proceeds into some exploratory work, finally landing on a style that we’re really happy with. You’ve probably seen that main image a lot, but here it is again, from talented concept artist Derek Brand.

We’ve been working directly with old time friend of Double Fine and amazing freelance artist Peter Chan to help craft the world of MASSIVE CHALICE. Mark and Brad discuss Peter’s high level direction and share some techniques that Peter uses to develop the visual language of brand new worlds. We’re excited to share this in-depth look at the early exploration of the aesthetic of MASSIVE CHALICE!

Just a reminder that everything that you see in this video is still extremely early and should be considered a work in progress. The final art direction of MASSIVE CHALICE will not be fully formed for many months, and a lot of this art will not be represented in the game. But, we love open development and we really want to embrace it by sharing with you not only the final game, but also how we arrived at it. Enjoy!

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