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Massive Chalice - Update #9, Podcast Episode #1, Artist Livestream

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-15 04:58:50

Massive Chalice has another quick update on it's kickstater page. This time it's a podcast with with John Swisshelm and Chris Remo, and a livestream video with the games Lead Artist Derek Brand.


Recently Brad sat down with John Swisshelm and Chris Remo to answer questions from backers about MASSIVE CHALICE. This is a great chance to get even more insight into our design direction and influences, so grab the recording here!


Artist Livestream

Today at 1PM Pacific (20:00 GMT), MASSIVELY TALENTED artist Derek Brand will be livestreaming straight from his desk here at Double Fine while he works on new concept art for MASSIVE CHALICE!


Derek created the striking concept image of a hero going into battle alongside his ancestors:

And here's a new concept of a warrior that we discussed on our art commentary from the last update!

So be sure to tune in at 1PM Pacific (20:00 GMT) today to watch Derek at work!

If you can’t make the live stream you can always go here http://www.twitch.tv/doublefine/videos?kind=past_broadcasts to watch the recording.

Thanks again and have a fantastic weekend!


Brad and the MASSIVE CHALICE Team :D

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