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Massive Chalice - Update #11

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-18 00:04:54

Massive Chalics has has been updated on it's kickstarter page. Not to much to say really just two videos and some E3 informaion.


Recently Brad and John Skyped with Jake Solomon, lead designer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Jake spoke about some of the challenges he encountered during the development of XCOM and how the team at Firaxis overcame them. Along with lessons learned from making a modern turn-based strategy game, Jake gave his unique perspective on the early design direction of MASSIVE CHALICE. Check it out below or on Double Fine's YouTube channel!

To see veterans like Jake back the project is super exciting for us! If you’d like to discuss this chat then head over to the forums!

Reddit AMA Tomorrow

Brad and Tim are going to be on Reddit answering questions tomorrow, June 18th starting at 11am Pacific! Keep an eye on the MASSIVE CHALICE Facebook page and the Double Fine twitter feed for more details!

Bitcoin Support

You asked for it and we listened! Our tireless web team has added another method of backing MASSIVE CHALICE by supporting Bitcoin. Head on over to www.massivechalice.com/back and select either Bitcoin or PayPal to show your MASSIVE love for MASSIVE CHALICE!

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