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Frontiers - Audio Interview @ Futurilla

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-19 00:11:08

A site called Futurilla has an audio interview with with Lars Simkins, designer of the the RPG Frontiers. If you haven't checked out the kickstarter here is the link.

This week's Doom Ray is something a little different. In a two-part epic interview we talk with Lars Simkins, designer of the the incredible-looking Frontiers. An awe-inspiring open world exploration game lovingly created by one man. Lars has a background in VFX with credits that include The Hunger Games, Breaking Bad and the stunning Pushing Daisies. Now he has turned his  considerable talents to games design and the results look nothing short of breath-taking. If you're as blown away by Frontiers as we are, check out the Frontiers Kickstarter and consider backing it. Thanks again to Lars for his time and for giving us a glimpse behind the development of this stunning game.

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