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South Park - Preview @ Aggrogamer

by Myrthos, 2013-06-19 12:30:17

Aggrogamer share their views on South Park: The Stick of Truth with us.

What was also damn cool was the fact that while the traditional attacks and magics, like water blast and fireball, are in the game, Obsidian has tailored them to be as a fourth grader in a LARP would use them. For instance, Water Blast consisted of a hand pumped Super Soaker blasting water at the enemy while Chain Lightning employed a puddle of water spilled over the target's area and then a cattle prod thrown down. There are supposedly over 80 different attacks like this in the game, but that was not heard directly from Obsidian or Ubisoft.

As this is a game "about being the coolest kid in the land," what else would you expect other than "Facebook" being the hub for all of the events and communication in the game. Part of what is kept in track is all of the main missions and side missions in the game. At one point they showed Douche-bag saving a girl who later joined him in the form of a "Facebook" friend. This was briefly gone over, but it is safe to assume that this will be the tracking for all of the things that you may do while on the hunt for the Stick Of Truth.

Finally, and this is a bit of the really new, there are at least three different factions in the game and Douche-bag gets to select one of them at some point. In the demo I saw, we began fighting on the side of Cartman (Humans) and then were given the option to jump ship to Kyle (High Elves) after beating down Cartman. The third came in at the end of the demo where Craig informs us that he has take the Stick and has branched his own group. Craig's group being the more demonic and "evil" looking of the three.

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