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Witcher 3 - Interview @ Gaming Illustrated

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-20 00:27:05

Gaming Illustrated has a new interview with Game Director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz on CD Projekt's upcoming game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Sean: I think the biggest thing I learned about The Witcher 3 from watching the presentation is how ambitious this project is, that you have a ton of story coming from great source material that you are going off of. You have incredible graphics and you are going to be going to Next-Gen systems, and on top of that I have been hearing approximately 100 hours of game play with 50 of that dedicated to the core main storyline. Talk a little bit about the story development and just how immersed it is … You touched on this already a little bit. How do you balance being able to put in great side quest with great mainline story?

Konrad: It’s really, really hard and putting it in an open world; it’s even harder. Because the main challenge is that you need to make intensity in the storyline. In the open world it’s harder because you got bigger disturbances and you can forget what you need to do from point to point. That’s why we put in quests that are longer and placed in smaller areas.

When we are telling players to move from point to point, through some other location or other area in the world, and you are going there, we are going to put points of interest in your way. We don’t want players to be bored, it’s not good when you’ve got an open world game with nothing between the points of destination. We’ve got these points of interest and these points are created to use a player’s inner motivation.

Sean: A couple of quick final questions here. In our demo it said pre-alpha but I will be honest it looked pretty good. It doesn’t seem like you guys are too far off.

Konrad: It’s like that because we knew that we need to do some presentations for E3 and we chose one [specific] quest from the game. It’s working very well because our programmers are really cool and very good. We got plenty of time to finish the game. We are still maybe in the half of the alpha.

Sean: A lot of Witcher fans out there very excited for 2014, what message would you like your company to give to them based off of what you are showing at E3?

Konrad: Support us and we will give you the best game possible and for sure we care about you, especially now that we got a cool huge game. Everyone knows it. We still remember all our fans, we will continue our work and after releasing The Witcher 3 give you enhancements to the game. If your choice is to play on the consoles you can buy the game and play on it, it’s your choice. We really appreciated your support because we are gamers and we love the games and we want to make games which give real entertainment.


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