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Expeditions: Conquistador - Review @ New Gamer Nation

by Myrthos, 2013-06-20 12:41:34

New Gamer Nation rated Expeditions: Conquistador with an 8 in their review of the game.

Poking around the woods and camping is amusing enough for me not to feel overly disincentivized, but I wish there were a bit more reward for the risk I’m taking and resources I’m using to do it. There isn’t much depth to the overworld exploration; let me stumble upon the Fountain of Youth or something off the beaten path, rather than just bounce back and forth between objective points on the map. In terms of depth, most of it seems to be in the leveling of squad members’ abilities, tweaking them to provide the boosts you need to make a specific soldier the exact right one for a specific tactical situation. With limited capacity to rank up your crew, you will also have to choose these abilities wisely. This is the part of the game that truly shines, and I’ve been having a blast planning out which soldier to design into a hard-charging slugger, and which is one better equipped to pick her way through an area I think might expose her to traps or poison. Should my hunter get more mobile or more accurate? Developer Logic Artists deserves props for delivering the best team-tinkering I’ve played since XCOM.

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