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South Park - Preview Roundup #4

by Myrthos, 2013-06-20 12:51:40

Just in case you think there is still some new info to be had from the previews of South Park; The Stick of Truth, here are a few more.

Post Gazette

If you don't have the proper objects to take out your enemies, they will engage you within the battle area. Arena combat is turned base. It requires a lot more than a 10-minute presentation to understand a RPG battle system, but it looks like it matches the depth of any other mainstream RPG based on the few battles I witnessed. Characters will have signature attacks, and the animations that go along with them look hilarious. The new kid and Cartman battled in a clash of farts at one point.


This RPG has plenty to offer – from action sequences to puzzle solving to battling. The best part of game is how the game is both completely absurd and rooted in the reality of the universe. You have spells as you would in any RPG, but an ice spell is simply dumping a cooler full of ice and water on your enemy. Fireballs are farts cupped in your hand and thrown through fire. Like I said, much of this is completely absurd and yet, hilarious.

Nerd Reactor

Battles are played out just like a turn-based RPG games. By touching an opponent you enter battle. You control Butters and the new kid, who are equipped with different skills with cool names. A thunder attack has your character throwing water at the opponents. This is followed by tossing an electrical item onto the water. There’s an ice-based skill where you can pull out a fire extinguisher, which all require mp. In a tribute to a specific episode, mana is restored by eating a Chipotle burrito.

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SP: The Stick of Truth

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