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Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes - Map Pack DLC Released

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-22 00:09:03

Stardock's released a Map Pack DLC for Legendary Heroes. The DLC is being sold through Stardock and Steam. If you own the Fallen Enchantress Map Pack DLC you should receive the Legendary Heroes Map Pack DLC for free.

Play on maps custom designed by Stardock's artists and developers. The pack includes a new, hand-crafted map for every map size, plus new stamps to spice up random map generation. It also includes the full Anthys map, a gigantic map that contains the entire known world of Elemental (at least as of ~150 AC).

The 5 maps include:

• Clash - Play against a single opponent on a balanced map, or discover a ship and explore the nearby islands.
• Crucible - Four opponents with a common area between their starting positions, can you hold the center and take out your enemies?
• Dust Bowl - A dangerous map with few fertile positions. But the land isn't empty, hordes of monsters have claimed it.
• The Wildlands - 10 Wildlands on one map. Can any empire rise in a world ruled by monsters?
• Anthys - Play across the entire world of Elemental on this map that is over twice as large as the largest maps in FE: LH.

The Map Pack DLC is available to buy through Stardock, Steam, and other third parties distributors.

Own the Fallen Enchantress Map Pack DLC?

Owners of the Fallen Enchantress Map Pack DLC were given the Legendary Heroes Map Pack DLC for FREE. Check your Steam account or your “My Downloads” page.

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