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Might & Magic X - Hirelings and Soundtrack Bonus Vote

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-23 00:41:51

Might & Magic X has a new update dealing with hirelings who may join your pary in the game. Also there is a new bonus vote for the game's soundtrack, and another for step 2 of the dungeon vote.

When you’re out for an adventure, it’s always nice to have some company. In MMX, you can have up to two hirelings who join your party. There are many different types of hirelings, but in general the deal is always the same: You gain something from them, but you have to pay them for it.

The two beauties to the left and right of your party are your hirelings.

 Some NPCs will offer to join your party as hirelings. You can accept their offer only if you have one or two free hireling slots (they’re the smaller portrait slots on the left and right of your party). Hirelings will cost resources, but they have positive effects on your party. These effects can either be

- permanent
- on demand (which may mean you have to pay an extra fee whenever you make use of your hireling’s service)
- once a day (counter resets by daybreak)

It’s a shame you can only have two!

So the difficulty lies in picking just the combination of hirelings that fits your party best. If you’re not pleased with the services of your hirelings, or if you found a better hireling, you can always fire them. They will vanish immediately, no hard feelings, and they won’t sue you either. There is an exception though: sometimes a hireling will also join your party temporarily as part of a quest line. You can’t fire those hirelings before you have finished the quest step you need them for.

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