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Bound By Flame - Preview @ Gamerliving

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-26 02:58:49

Gamerliving has a new preview for Bound By Flame.

When the game begins, you will embark on an epic quest to save the world from an evil sorcerer’s army, comprised of different spirits, monsters, and even the undead. You have been hired to protect a faction called the Red Scribes who are trying to find a way to win the war against this enormous army. Hell-bent on destroying the human race. You are the last hope the world has to turn the tables on your foes and start winning the war.

Even with your skill as a swordsman, there is a dark part to you that could prove even more useful to the war effort than you were originally hired for. You are possessed by a demon and can either choose to align yourself with the demon inside of you and become an incredibly powerful being, or fight against it to become a good and legendary hero. The story will change depending on which way you choose to go, so be careful what you do!

If you’re a fan of games set in a medieval-themed world, Bound by Flame will really be an exciting adventure for you! The small preview we saw was set around dilapidated castles, so old that the grass had begun sprouting in between the cracks on the stone flooring. The characters themselves are in third-person view, sporting metal or leather armour and fighting against grey decaying corpses and wispy white spirits. The transitions between sections are impressive, with high quality graphics and rendering that is sure to help you feel like you are in a fantasy universe.

To add to the quality of the atmosphere, every fantasy game needs a little bit of magic! Your internal demon will grant you the ability to use basic fire attacks to begin with, which will grow and change as you level up and swing towards the evil side. You’ll notice that the more you align yourself with your possessive partner, your physical nature can also change, even to the point of transforming you completely! That may not be something you will want to have happen, but if you decide not to align yourself with the demon, the only magic you will be able to use is ice or healing magic, as the Mages of the land are not typically able to wield such a dangerous force as fire.


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