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NWN Vault - Shutdown?

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-27 08:41:13

The NWN Vault might have been shutdown. No reasons were given but according to this NWN forum post it may have something to do with Atari. The good news is there is a new home at neverwintervault.org.

I first knew we were in trouble when Maximus accepted my offer to help with what sounded almost like relief.

Couldn't be. I just have a vivid imagination.Then we started having probs with email. And with the Hall of Fame. And…Well.

I floated the idea of a vault backup, well, a long time ago. Fire extinguisher, sprinklers. Maybe even a safe place to put the files.Last October I was seriously frightened by the things I saw and didn't see, the things everyone heard and the things only I heard.

A few other people started talking to me and helping out. And the vault got worse. I'm starting to pontificate. Not my intention.Pain & Tarot, Werelynx & Henesua. Others. A lot of people have been working hard over the last two months saving stuff.

We have archive of all the project files through last Sunday. We have copies of the meta data and copies of the download counts and award tags and at least the first page of comments.

We have archives of most of the articles and tutorials. We even have the surviving "top ten" lists (some of which even feature a certain old wizard from 2001 ;-)

The library may be burning, but the books are safe. Not everything works right. But the new place is starting to come together. I rather like it here.And, given the opportunity, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't let a crazy old wizard and his smart-beaked bird work here

In the mean time anybody who can help with restoring the files, or help the new site please do.

I think we who have been working over there, now that the shoe has seemed to drop, are going to be needing a lot of expertise from the entire community. This is not something one person can handle, this is the community itself which needs to come together to survive this.

But also a lot of us tend to just roll up our sleeves and just get to work, and do the best we can with what we have.

If you poke over there and notice something that needs doing, which you think you can do, we'd be more than happy to have you join us, even if you only do a small task. Actually just poking your head in, registering, and making a forum post stating who you are is quite helpful too.

Right now I am focusing on getting thru the crisis, hoping our backups are valid, that nothing is lost, and how to move things back. I do have some processing of files ( download and process the Sha1 ) which just needs you to have bandwidth and being able to leave your computer on - i am on #nwn2cr and you can friend/PM me if you think you can help.

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