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Witcher 3 - Interview @ Gamingbolt

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-28 01:41:14

Gamingbolt has the lastest interview with Jonas Mattson talking about Witcher 3.

Leonid Melikhov: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt does look pretty good. Obviously what we have seen is the alpha footage and so I have a few concerns, like there were times where the frame rate was not stable.

Jonas Mattson: Yes, that was alpha footage. As we are going to release it in 2014 so we have all this time to truly polish all the loose ends. Right now we are focused more on the quality of the game and as usual in any development scenario you focus on optimization and we have pretty cool stuff to help with this i.e. Umbra. I won’t get too technical but it allows us to hide things that the player does’nt see automatically. We have this feature in our engine and it will be further optimized to improve performance.

Leonid Melikhov: Is Umbra a custom written or a proprietary engine?

Jonas Mattson: It’s like an addition to the main game’s engine. We have RedEngine 3.0 and together with that it’s our own stuff.

Leonid Melikhov: So it’s not like the Unreal Engine where some company buy licenses?

Jonas Mattson: No. Umbra is a separate company, the license and everything is different. I am not a programmer so I can’t go in to specifics but Umbra basically gives a boost to our own engine. So ye, there will be much better frame rates later on.

Leonid Melikhov: Is PC the lead platform for Witcher 3?

Jonas Mattson: We are targeting all high end platforms, so the Xbox One, PS4 and obviously the PC. We won’t absolutely forget our roots, absolutely not (referring to the PC).

Leonid Melikhov: So will the PC version be ported to the consoles?

Jonas Mattson: Right now what you see is running on the PC but we have development kits (for next gen consoles) so we are aiming to have an equally high quality experience with all the platforms. As you know the specs of next generation platforms, it really allows us not to hold anything back. When we were working on The Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360, it was…

Leonid Melikhov: Problematic?

Jonas Mattson: Not problematic, but we had to do a lot of work to get it running on a current gen console. But really, this time we can push the limits and hold nothing back.

Leonid Melikhov: So the PC architecture similarity and nothing like the PS3 which had a complicated Cell processor architecture where developers need to find a way across…

Jonas Mattson: Exactly, I personally think this new generation will make it easier for a lot of developers to release games on consoles.

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