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Might & Magic X - Vote Results and Interview

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-29 03:33:35

The open development blog has a few new updates for Might & Magic X. First up we have a new interview with Lead Level Designer Karsten.

Next we have the results for the cover it seems green was the one that got picked.


And the winner is ... green!

We appreciate all the feedback you gave us in the comments. We've also been discussing in the team whether red is overused as a colour for game covers and whether a 3D logo goes well with an old school touch or not. ;)

Thanks for helping us making MMX as good as possible - from the inside as well as from the outside!

Next we have the results for the tavern music.

What we really like about you is that you're being honest with us. When we asked you here which piece of music you prefer, we got mixed feedback. Some of you liked what they heard, some saw the potential in the compositions while others disapproved. However, many of you voted, and here's our winner:

And this is how you voted:

A) The Dangling Woods: 47%

B) Horns of War: 33%

C) Dragon Song: 20%

To those of you who didn't like the songs, please keep in mind that these audios are just demo versions. The songwriter is a member of the team who wrote and recorded the demos himself at home. They're bonus material that's separate from the normal soundtrack, and the song you picked will only be heard in a tavern somewhere. Plus, it will of course be reworked and re-recorded by professional musicians before it becomes part of the game. So thank you for voting and for giving us feedback, and rest assured that there is no reason to lose any sleep over the music. ;)

And no worries, as Julien aka Marzhin93 has already pointed out in the vote comments already: "Nobody said that the whole soundtrack will be made of songs".

And finally a new vote #3 for Your dungeon!

Are you a riddler or a fighter? Or both?

For the next step, we're asking you to decide whether you want this dungeon to be combat- or riddle based, or whether you would like a balanced mix of both combat and riddles. Do you prefer to hack and slash your way through your dungeon, or would you rather use your wits instead of getting your hands dirty? It's your call! And of course, for those who like both, there's also the balanced option.

The vote will be open until next friday.

Please vote here.


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