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Mage's Initiation - Post-Funding Update #28, Combat Demo

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-02 02:06:50

Mage's Initiation has another post-funding update this time announcing the combat demo is available for backers.

As promised, the first backers-exclusive Mage's Initiation combat demo has arrived. We've taken on board the most commonly requested feedback that we received from our previous Kickstarter demo, and have improved to control system to provide a streamlined playing experience.


Complimentary Combat

So, what are these improvements, you ask? We'll rattle off a few of the major ones below:

  • Full mouse & keyboard control systems: Play exclusively with one or the other, or with a combination of both.
  • Expanded arena: No longer is D'arc confined to a single forest screen. You may escape to the relative safety of an adjacent screen or chase after fleeing, fleet-footed foes.
  • Auto-targeting system: Rather than having to move your mouse over an enemy to aim and cast spells, the new system auto-locks your target onto enemies so they can be attacked by clicking (or key-pressing) anywhere on the screen.
  • Combat respite: Battle now pauses when you use the mouse to select a new spell from the combat GUI.
  • A new enemy: The demo features a new opponent to do battle with and practice new tactics against. (The result of one of our stretch goals).

As mentioned above, this combat demo is exclusively for backers and we'll be sending out another backers-only update shortly containing the download information. If you're not yet a Mage's Initiation backer and would like to become one (subsequently gaining access to the battle demo and feeling infinitely more magical), you can still pledge at any tier level via our PayPal page.

A small request: In order to appraise feedback, it's important that our development team is able to read everything at a single location. This way, we can reply to your posts and request more details from you in a convenient manner. Therefore, we ask that if you're interested in providing demo feedback or bug reports, please register an account at the Himalaya Forums by following these instructions so we can grant you access to the Private Backers forum (if you haven't already done so). All combat demo feedback should be posted in the Mage's Private Backers forum, otherwise we will be unlikely to see it. 

Please do not post feedback or bug reports pertaining to the combat demo here in the Kickstarter comments or in the regular Himalaya Studios "Technical & Bugs" forum.

Surveys Sent to $20 (Apprentice) Backers

Apprentices: We've got your sticker sheets and we want you to have them! We recently sent a survey out to all backers at the $20 tier on June 26th. So far, 240 of 305 backers have replied. If you haven't filled out the survey yet, please check your email (inboxes and spam folders) for mail received on that date and submit the short survey at your soonest convenience so we can get your rewards to you.

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