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Might & Magic X - Interview and Artwork

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-04 04:07:57

The open development blog for Might & Magic X has a few new updates. First we have a new interview Thomas Steuber. He is the Technical Lead for the game.

Who are you and what is your role at Limbic Entertainment

Hello, my name is Thomas Steuber and I am the technical lead of MMX. I worked previously on several MMO projects for Limbic Entertainment as programmer and lead developer. It is a great pleasure to work on such a prestigious franchise with a great team.

What does your average day at work look like?

The day starts with some meetings (like our daily standup with the entire team) followed by answering general questions and scheduling new work if somebody is going to be finished. The rest of the day is full with feature approval, requesting feedback for the team, providing coding feedback, helping at the general communication (like with the fans) and sometimes I can even code some pieces. :)

Which MM games did you play, which one do you like best, and why?

At most I played HOMM 2 and 3 from which I prefer Part 3.

Next we have some new artwork of the the ruins in the game.

Hey everyone,

since you have voted for the ruins tileset in the previous vote for our player-created dungeon, we thought you’d probably like to know how the dungeon art has been created. The concept art for the ruins that you can see below has been created by Ryan Gibson, Lead Concept Artist at Liquid Development.

First there is a general idea of what this dungeon should look like:  

Centuries ago, a great civilization appeared on the shores of the Jade Ocean: the Shantiri Empire, that is the Ashan equivalent of Atlantis. The Shantiris were a gathering of various Elder Races, mostly Humans, Dwarves, Nagas and Elves. They spread across the face of the world, building titanic cities and temples.

Then came the Elder Wars. Angels and Faceless, children of Light and Darkness respectively, consumed their hatred in a genocidal war. In a single night, most inhabitants of the Shantiri Empire vanished and their magnificent cities were cast down. 

Now, the Agyn Peninsula harbours many Shantiri ruins, attracting all kinds of treasure-hunters and lore-keepers who hope to unlock their secrets, while ignoring the persistant rumours claiming the ruins are haunted – or worse…

The Shantiri dungeon tileset is inspired by the antique Mediterranean civilizations (Greece, Rome, Egypt). It will be used for Shantiri themed dungeons, but could also be used to build a home for a Wizard or Necromancer.


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