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BioWare - Chris Priestly to Leave Bioware

by Aries100, 2013-07-04 21:28:37

In this thread at the Bioware forums, Fast Jimmy mentions that Chris Priestly is to leave Bioware.
Chris confirms this from his Twitter account:

@BioEvilChris leaving Bioware. I wish this was April's Fools Day. :(

In this now locked thread Chris Priestly confirms that he's indeed leaving Bioware, and adds this statement:

My time here at BioWare is indeed coming to a close. I thank all of our fans for supporting us over my years here. I do look forward to watching Dragon Age Inquisition develop from outside the company, so when it does come out, I can play a BioWare game as a fan instead of as an employee for the first time in over 12 years. DAI is gonna be great. smilie

I am attending PAX Australia this month and my time isn't up till the end of the month. However, this isn't really DAI news. So it gets closed.

So, one Chris (Priestly) is leaving and another Chris (Wynn) is joining the Bioware team.


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