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Might & Magic X - Open Dev Chat

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-06 03:43:34

The developers of Might & Magic X are hosting a open dev chat on July 10th.

Hello everyone,

we'd like to invite you to chat with us! Three members of the dev team - Creative Designer Julien, Game Designer Marcus and Limbic Entertainment's CEO Stephan will idle in our IRC channel ... oh well, unless you come and ask them some questions or tell them what you think about MMX so far. Which we hope you will do!

The chat will start next Wednesday, July 10th, at 6 p.m (GMT +2 hours)

The server will be accessible half an hour before the chat starts. You will not be able to connect earlier!

If you're not familiar with how IRC works, please see our instruction manual. For the others, our server name is chat.limbic-entertainment.de, and you will automatically be directed to the #mmxdev channel.

We are planning to offer dev chats on an irregular basis, and usually there will be a designated topic. For the first chat, we'd like to talk with you about several concerns that fans have expressed about the design of MMX. More details on that in a separate post that will be published before the chat.

Hope to hear from you next Wednesday!


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