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Mass Effect - Interview @ Gamer Squad

by Kalia, 2006-10-14 23:09:37

Gamer Squad scored an interview with Mass Effect project director, Casey Hudson. The Q&A focuses character and battle topics as well as the intriguing dialog options:

Mass Effect is labeled as a "Revolutionary Action RPG", how exactly does BioWare define the word "Revolutionary" in terms of what the game will offer the RPG genre?

It goes back to the origins of the project, where we really started from first principles. We devised new technology, new gameplay ideas, new approaches to character interactions – all with the goal of achieving an unprecedented level of cinematic story immersion.

One example of these innovations is the new conversation system, which for the first time ever will allow players to have fully real-time conversations with in-game characters. Not only does everyone (including your character) have full voice, but the new interface is based more on types of emotional reactions, allowing you to react faster and more intuitively. That immediate and fluid interactivity, in combination with extremely advanced digital actors, means that conversations in Mass Effect take on the incredible feeling of simultaneously watching and being inside a dramatic scene from a movie.

It’s these kinds of completely new gameplay experiences that add up to something that we think feels more like revolution than evolution in terms of advancing the interactive storytelling medium.


Source: IGN

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