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Spiderweb Games - Exile Series Available for Free

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-07 01:01:48

Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Games has made the Exile series freeware and can be downloaded from the Spiderweb website.

Exile: Escape from the Pit

Exile: Escape From the Pit is the first game in the Exile trilogy, which takes place in the strange subterranean world of Exile. Exile is populated by the misfits and malcontents of the surface world, people who were forever banished to the underworld for being too strange, or too antisocial, or having too many incorrect opinions.

Exile II: Crystal Souls

Exile II: Crystal Souls is the sequel to the shareware hit Exile: Escape From the Pit. Several years have passed since the events in the first game. Now, the Empire, the cruel monolithic nation ruling the surface world, has realized that Exile, the nation they created, has become highly dangerous. Their troops are now being teleported into Exile in great numbers, overwhelming the defenses of the beleagured souls below.

Exile III: Ruined World

Exile III: Ruined World is the triumphant conclusion to the Exile trilogy, a massive epic withelegant interface, fascinating plot, and beautiful grapics and sound. A more fascinating and playable game, one will be very hard pressed to find.

Mac versions on this page. Enjoy.Smile

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