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Tales of Terrene - A Steampunk Adventure RPG

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-10 05:59:09

Tales of Terrene is a new kickstarter being developed by Kortex Studios. It's described as a steampunk themed adventure RPG game. So do the usual spread the word, or just go meh and move on.

Tales of Terrene follows the main character and their struggle to adapt and survive in an ever evolving world filled with enemies. The story is set in the steampunk themed world of Terrene. The main character is a renegade airship captain who has had his vessel stolen, along with something of great worth on board. He must fight and transverse his way across Terrene and beyond battling enemies and other various renegade Captains to require his ship and the precious treasure that everyone seems to pitted on taking.

Tales of Terrene utilizes the Unity engine and Dolby inspired 7.1 sound channels. Working in conjunction with Dolby we plan to implement their sound technology to bring you a great game that really comes to life in surround sound! The Development team is working around the clock to create a game that is compelling and challenging, insuring a great experience for all gamers. We plan to include features like...

  • Talent Tree
  • Currency System
  • Interactive NPC and Shops
  • Experience Leveling System
  • Compelling Lore & Quest Line
  • And Much More!

If you'd like to see Tales of Terrene come into fruition please take the time to get information from our website and Kickstarter and donate. All donations of any amount are generously appreciated!

Thanks goto rjshae for finding the game.Wink

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