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Satellite Reign - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-11 01:16:37

Satellite Reign has a few interviews and other assorted newsbits this week. So without wasting anymore time read on.

First we have a new Dev Chat video.

Next we have a few interviews.

PC Games Hardware

PCGH: Could you summarize in a few sentences for all the Syndicate fans why Satellite Reign will be a noteworthy game and why this game should be realized?

Chris: Satellite Reign will take the core essence from the Syndicate series and expand and explore it. It will give you a simulated cyberpunk, dystopian city to discover and a squad of deadly agents to do it with.

MikeD: For me it's the city simulation side and the emergent gameplay, really making the city and its inhabitants react to what you are doing, and making the enemies intelligent rather than just following scripted commands is what makes this game unique.


JHS: Can we start by getting you to briefly introduce us to the world of Satellite Reign and what some of the main pillars of gameplay are here?

Brent Waller: Satellite Reign is a real time tactical strategy game in the vein of the Syndicate series from the 1990s. Our main pillars are our simulated and open-world city, our classed based action and corporate espionage.

And finally the developers are hosting a live Reddit today only.

We're all here, ready to answer your questions. Come ask us stuff!


Our username is 5LivesStudios.

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