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Witcher 3 - More Interviews

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-11 01:28:47

StructureGaming brings us another interview among dozens with the developers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

JC: Will The Witcher 3 maintain its adult rating? Will nudity, excessive violence and strong language still be a major part of the game? Will it be softened up for the next-gen consoles to cater to a larger player-base?

DG: Stories in the Witcher games have always touched upon mature themes and we’re sticking to that tradition in the latest installment of Geralt’s adventures. These elements are inherited from the books and the universe that Andrzej Sapkowski has so skillfully created. We can’t change course just to cater to a larger player base – that would go against all we’ve stood for over the years.

JC: With The Witcher and The Witcher 2, the enhanced content was released to gamers free of charge, as well as all subsequent DLC. With most developers & publishers moving towards “Day 1” DLC, as well as considerable amounts of post-release DLC, will CD Projekt continue to offer extended content free of charge, or will we see paid DLC in the future?

DG: “Some things never change, some things do” – wise words from a great film, and also quite applicable here: this is one of the former. We didn’t build a close relationship with our fans just to abandon it now – our policy concerning the release of additional content has become a part of who we are. I mean, we simply don’t understand how someone could expect payment for adding two new swords and some shiny armor to a game. That would be totally against our DNA.

We plan on continuing this trend in the case of The Witcher 3. Having said that, as of now, we still don’t have all the details on how the new consoles will tackle these issues. We’ll try our best to stay true to our traditions on these platforms. Fortunately on the PC we’re free to do as we choose in this matter.

Next I have another interview from Games.on.net.

“We don’t create the game with any specific rating in mind,” said CDPR’s Agnieszka Szostak to games.on.net. “We implement in it things we believe will create the best gaming experience. Whether those are meaningful choices, deep relationships between characters, sex scenes, bloody combat or curses.”

“If we think they are needed there to make the game world living, breathing and believable they will be there. Rating of the game is a secondary thing really.”

Szostak said that the only time they’ll know whether or not The Witcher 3 fits into the new R18+ category will be when they actually submit it.

“The fact that there’s a higher rating now available in Australia might potentially mean we won’t be forced to do any changes to the game to release it there and that’s a good news of course for both us and Australian gamers. But we’ll know that for sure once the game will be sent for rating.”

“If the game is good and gamers will enjoy it money will follow,” Szostak concluded.

“Putting money, wide audience, ratings, sales charts on the first place is a wrong way of doing it.”


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