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Mars - Two Late Reviews

by Myrthos, 2013-07-11 13:37:04

Found two more reviews for Mars War Logs, with one being somewhat more positive than the other.

Connected Digital World, 3/5

This is a budget game which obviously presents certain limitations. Unfortunately, attempting to make something worth £100,000 with only £10 just isn’t possible. Unfortunately the scope of the game feels very limited by its own budget. It’s an ambitious project that had potential to prove that a budget title can be a great RPG without all the bells and whistles of AAA titles. Sadly it has gone further to prove that in fact the opposite is the case. The visuals and size of the game are not the problems holding it back.

The problem lies in its lack of imaginative characters, quests and story telling. Coupled with a potentially great combat system chained down by a sluggish feel MWL pushed for greatness but missed. There are features with grounds for a great RPG in MWL but they never materialise into anything significant. It’s definitely ambitious but unfortunately the budget can be felt at at every turn.

Action Radius, 6.5

Overall Mars: War Logs did impress me more than the expectations I started playing it with. The game’s dialogues and voice acting maybe bad but it itsn’t something which would make the gamer frustrate or unable to play the game. The game does have potential to attract you back till you finish it. If only the developers had put some more work on polishing it after completion rather than releasing it, then the results would have been far more promising. By no means this game is meant to challenge the likes of Mass Effect, and yet it does stand on its own two feet with its well developed quests and combat system and charming RPG implementation.

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