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Might & Magic X - Development Blog Updates

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-13 00:47:40

Limbic Entertainment has a few more updates on the games webpage. Read on for more information.

First we have two posts about the hosted Dev chat.

Fun: What we learned

Recently we've been asking you what makes a game fun for you. (See our blog post here and the related forum thread opened by znork here.)

You have given us so much feedback - thanks to all of you who made the effort to write down their thoughts - and it took us some time to go through all of it and discuss it within the dev team. But we finally made it, so here's an overview of what we learned from your comments. You're helping us making MMX a great game!

Best of Dev Chat

Hello everyone,

last Wednesday we had our first Dev Chat. We chatted for one hour, and there were about 30 people participating (team members not included). Thanks to all who were there and discussed with Stefan (aka LE-Stefan, CEO of Limbic Entertainment), Julien (aka Marzhin93, Creative Designer) and Marcus (aka LE-Marcus, Game Designer).

Ah, and sorry to all who googled for IRC and found this video and were disappointed that our IRC didn't look as fancy as it does there. ;)

However, there have been 66 questions asked in the chat within an hour, which means you really kept us busy. Zappater posted a full chatlog as well as an edited Q&A version here on rpgcodex (thanks!) 

And finally a new vote for #5 for Monster Type.

The majority of you is obviously more into Non-Elementals than into the Elements (vote results here). You want a dungeon that is populated with Humans, Orcs or Undead, huh? You shall have it. Next step is to pick which type of monsters will dwell in your dungeon.

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