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Ambient Environments - Soundtracks for RPG's

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-13 01:15:27

Todays kickstarter is not for a game but for a project that seeks to create a sountrack to listen to while playing RPG's. It's called Ambient Environments and needs a little more help to get funded.

Soundtracks inspired by years of dungeon delving, treasure hunting and tavern hopping—just in time for your next adventure!

ou’re a GM that loves to take control of their environment in order to provide an immersive experience for your players. Or a war gamer who likes to set the mood by enriching your environment with the sounds that one might hear on the battlefield. Or maybe you’re a game store owner hosting a local GM night and you need to provide a backdrop that will work for any game.

Setting the mood is one of the more difficult tasks of a GM, and yet one of the most important to keep players engaged in your environment and story. These high-quality MP3’s (320 Kbps), each a glorious 10 minutes in length, are meant to help GMs inspire their players. They have been play tested, gamer critiqued, and are ready to be brought into your living room or gaming store.

The basic goal of our Kickstarter is to provide you with 48 tracks. That's over 480 minutes of soundtracks for your games, with many more planned for our stretch goals!

Unlike some products that just provide sound effects on a loop in the background, Ambient Environments is a complete soundtrack for your gaming experience. Just like music in a film enhances the movie's tension and emotion, it can do the same for your game. Sure, the sound effects are there too, but they're only one part of the whole!

NOTE: Want a different set of soundtracks then what is offered in the pledges? You can create your own reward by using our Add-ons!

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