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Legends of Dawn - Review @ Noobfeed

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-15 00:48:49

I spent days looking for reviews for Legends of Dawn and found only one. The site is called Noobfeed and the score given is 60/100. It's a fair score considering the state of the game.

As for me I consider it a disappointment with potential if fixed, and Dreamatrix is patching the game at least. Here is a snip of the review.

Jumping into the world of Legends of Dawn is a cruel and encumbering task from both technical and gameplay viewpoints. Due to its rough form, it feels like a beta with a large array of technical inconveniences (lack of point-and-click movement, buggy camera, buggy animations, etc). Gameplay-wise, it is not for everyone as it makes little to no effort to help the player and will require heavy exploration, understanding and good use of the manual. Coming from an indie team, one cannot expect the level of polish and attention that a triple-A title may receive. Legends of Dawn is receiving continuous support from Dreamatrix in the form of patches and improvements. In the near future, it may evolve to meet the call for a proper old-school RPG.

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