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Dragon Age 2 - Reprint Review @ STFU

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-15 00:55:07

STFU has a remasterd review from 2011 for Dragon Age 2.

For all of the innovations that the Role Playing Game genre has experienced in the last half decade, there are some things that have remained virtually unchanged. Battles are usually slow paced and have to be approached tactically while stories generally involve the protagonist and his/her allies facing insurmountable odds in a quest to save their world. Bioware’s latest RPG, Dragon Age II has taken its own path to RPG-dom and bucks some classic RPG tropes in an attempt to tell a different kind of story and provide a faster and fiercer combat experience

Dragon Age II was an ambitious attempt to reinvent the RPG formula but sadly came up short in many key areas. Although there are things that are great about the game, too many of them feel as though they were not given enough time to completely develop. Despite these shortcomings, DA II is still a great RPG that will provide you with many hours of gameplay. If you are considering purchasing it, make sure to lower your expectations slightly since this game isn’t all that it was striving to be.


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